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This page shows all the updates that have been made to the site recently. 

On 2 August 2004 I updated the club titles for the 2003/04 season, added on some information about international tournaments such as the European Championship and Copa America, and wrote a few more future star profiles.

On 25 February 2004 I updated the awards for 2003, added in the 2003 MLS season, 2003 World Youth Cup and 2004 African Nations Cup, and made some other general updates around the site. 

On 10 October 2003 I have added some of the transfers from Chelsea’s extravagant 2003 purchasing of players to the record transfer fees, a report about the 2003 World U/17 Championships and some other general updates around the site.

On 11 August, 2003 this site was updated for the 2002/03 season. The Future Stars section was also changed so that now only players born from 1983 onwards are eligible. Many new profiles were added along with updates of old profiles.

On 25 July, 2002 parts of this site was updated, mainly the lists of winner for the 2001/02 season, the latest award winners and finalists, the 2002 World Cup and Oceania Nations Cup, the Future Stars profiles were updated but none were added and other small updates around the site.

On 15 February, 2002 where most of the sections of the site had some updates added to them, such as new England international results, another 100 profiles to the Stars of the Future, another Goleadores list and up to date awards and club results. Some new surveys were also added.

On 28 July, 2001 was the first update to the new version of this website with a new web address. The major change was in the Stars of the Future section which has almost doubled in profiles up to almost 500. The Los Mejores Goleadores section was introduced to the website. Details were updated in lots of other sections, such as up to date awards, and up to date club competition results for 2000/01. There is also a new survey which has been added to the site.


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