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This tournament has been run since 1985 on a bi-annual basis. It is for players who qualify for the U/17 age bracket. It is often hosted by smaller countries with Egypt and New Zealand being the two hosts prior to Trinidad & Tobago in 2001. 


This tournament has been won by a spread of confederations, with African sides Ghana and Nigeria having had two victories, and one Asian and one European winner. However the last two editions have been won by South American side Brazil.



1985 Nigeria




Saudi Arabia












The hosts Trinidad & Tobago were eliminated without a victory from Group A where the two finalists from 1999, Brazil and Australia qualified for the quarter-finals. Group B was the toughest group with Japan and the US no match for the attacking flair of Nigeria and France. Group C saw the elimination of the European champions Spain with Burkina Faso and Argentina progressing. Mali and Costa Rica made the final two quarter-final places. The two time defending champions Brazil were eliminated by France in the quarter-finals. The semi-finalists were made up of two teams from Group B and two from Group C. The two from Group B, Nigeria and France qualified for the final where France won their first title.

Group Stage

Group A

13/9 Trinidad & Tobago 1-2 Croatia

14/9 Australia                 0-1 Brazil

16/9 Trinidad & Tobago 0-1 Australia

16/9 Croatia                   1-3 Brazil

19/9 Brazil                      6-1 Trinidad & Tobago

19/9 Croatia                   0-4 Australia

Group B

14/9 United States          0-1 Japan

14/9 France                    1-2 Nigeria

16/9 Japan                      0-4 Nigeria

16/9 United States          3-5 France

19/9 Nigeria                   2-0 United States

19/9 Japan                     1-5 France

Group C

15/9 Oman                     1-2 Spain

15/9 Argentina                2-2 Burkina Faso

17/9 Spain                      0-1 Burkina Faso

17/9 Oman                     0-3 Argentina 

20/9 Burkina Faso          1-1 Oman

20/9 Spain                      2-4 Argentina

Group D

15/9 Mali                       1-2 Paraguay

15/9 Iran                        0-2 Costa Rica

17/9 Paraguay                0-3 Costa Rica

17/9 Mali                       1-0 Iran

20/9 Costa Rica             0-2 Mali

20/9 Paraguay                3-2 Iran



23/9 Brazil                     1-2 France

23/9 Nigeria                   5-1 Australia

24/9 Argentina               2-1 Mali

24/9 Costa Rica             0-2 Burkina Faso



27/9 France                  2-1 Argentina

27/9 Nigeria                  1-0 Burkina Faso


3rd-Place Play-Off 

30/9 Burkina Faso        2-0 Argentina         



30/9 France                  3-0 Nigeria



Nigeria and France were the two best teams showing unstoppable attacking play. France stars included Florent Sinama-Pongolle who broke the goalscoring record held since 1985 by West Germany's Marcel Witeczek with nine goals, his forward partner Anthony Le Tallec and their playmaker Mourad Meghni. Nigeria had Femi Opabunmi who finished with five goals including a hat-trick against Australia and Karimu Shaibu who scored three goals in three group games. Burkina Faso also featured a strong attack with Wilfried Sanou whereas Argentina had Maxi Lopez. Other impressive players included Caetano, Niko Kranjcar, Fernando Torres and the local Nkosi Blackman.


adidas Golden Ball - Florent Sinama-Pongolle (France)

adidas Silver Ball - Anthony Le Tallec (France)

adidas Bronze Ball - Femi Opabunmi (Nigeria)


Fair Play Award- Nigeria


adidas Golden Shoe (3 points for goal, 1 for assist)

Florent Sinama-Pongolle - France (28 points, 9 goals, 1 assist)

adidas Silver Shoe

Femi Opabunmi - Nigeria (15 points, 5 goals)

adidas Bronze Shoe

Anthony Le Tallec - France (15 points, 3 goals, 6 assists)

Other top goalscorers

4 - Caetano                   - Brazil

3 - Samuel Pietre           - France

3 - Karimu Shaibu         - Nigeria

3 - Wilfried Sanou         - Burkina Faso

3 - Maximiliano Lopez   - Argentina

3 - Armando Alonso      - Costa Rica


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