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The Gold Cup in 2003 is the seventh edition of the tournament to decide the regional champion of the North America, Central America and the Caribbean areas. The tournament ran from July 12-27 2003 in the USA and Mexico, with Mexico hosting the final. There are guest teams, from outside the region, in the 2003 tournament. These are Colombia and Brazil. These teams join ten others from the region to from four groups of three in the first round.


USA and Mexico have dominated this tournament as the two strongest teams of the region. The previous results in the final are:

1991 USA Honduras 0-0   4-3 on penalties
1993 Mexico USA 4-0
1996 Mexico Brazil 2-0
1998 Mexico USA 1-0
2000 Canada Colombia 2-0
2002 USA Costa Rica 2-0


After the group stage the four first placed teams played the four second placed teams in the quarter-finals. Mexico defeated Brazil in the early stages of the tournament and went on to win Group A, despite drawing with Honduras. Their main regional rivals and defending champions USA also progressed easily topping their group. The other two groups were topped by Costa Rica and Colombia. Brazil improved throughout the tournament and defeated Colombia in the quarter-finals and USA in the semi-finals to set up a rematch with Mexico in the final. However Mexico defeated Brazil again, with a golden goal by Daniel Osorno,  to win their first Gold Cup since 1998 in front of their home fans. A full list of results are shown below:


Group Stage

Group A

13/7 Mexico                  1-0 Brazil

15/7 Brazil                     2-1 Honduras

17/7 Honduras               0-0 Mexico

Group B

13/7 Jamaica                  0-1 Colombia

15/7 Guatemala              0-2 Jamaica

17/7 Colombia               1-1 Guatemala

Group C

12/7 USA                      2-0 El Salvador

14/7 Martinique              0-2 USA

16/7 El Salvador            1-0 Martinique

Group D
12/7 Costa Rica             0-1 Canada

14/7 Canada                  0-2 Cuba

16/7 Cuba                      0-3 Costa Rica


Quarter Finals                                          

19/7 USA                     5-0 Cuba                

19/7 Costa Rica            5-2 El Salvador

19/7 Colombia              0-2 Brazil      

20/7 Mexico                 5-0 Jamaica


Semi Finals

23/7 USA                     1-2 Brazil

24/7 Costa Rica            0-2 Mexico


Third Place Play-Off

26/7 USA                     3-2 Costa Rica



27/7 Brazil                    0-1 Mexico



The Mexicans dominated the awards, with their team progressing through the tournament undefeated after two victories over the Brazilian side. Mexico did not concede a goal for the entire tournament. This had only happened once before, by the Mexicans in 1996. The Brazilian side was also impressive, given that it was an U/23 side sent to prepare for the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. 


Most Valuable Player         - Jesus Arellano (Mexico)

Best Goalkeeper                 - Oswaldo Sanchez (Mexico)

Fair Play Award                 - USA


Top Goalscorer

4 - Landon Donovan          - USA

4 - Walter Centano            - Costa Rica

3 - Jared Borgetti               - Mexico

3 - Kaka                            - Brazil

3 - Brian McBride              - USA

2 - Daniel Osorno              - Mexico

2 - Carlos Bocanegra         - USA

2 - Erick Scott                   - Costa Rica

2 - Steven Bryce                - Costa Rica

2 - Rolando Fonseca          - Costa Rica

2 - Diego                           - Brazil

2 - Lester More                 - Cuba

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