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This page shows where, when and who will be playing for the matches that will be played at the Sydney Olympics.




Group A Australia Italy Melbourne Cricket Ground
13/9/00 Group C USA Czech Republic Bruce Stadium
13/9/00 Group C Cameroon Kuwait Brisbane Cricket Ground
13/9/00 Group A Nigeria Honduras Hindmarsh Stadium
14/9/00 Group B Morocco Chile Melbourne Cricket Ground
14/9/00 Group D South Africa Japan Bruce Stadium
14/9/00 Group D Brazil Slovakia Brisbane Cricket Ground
14/9/00 Group B Korea Republic Spain Hindmarsh Stadium
16/9/00 Group A Australia Nigeria Sydney Football Stadium
16/9/00 Group B USA Cameroon Bruce Stadium
16/9/00 Group C Czech Republic Kuwait Brisbane Cricket Ground
16/9/00 Group A Italy Honduras Hindmarsh Stadium
17/9/00 Group B Spain Chile Melbourne Cricket Ground
17/9/00 Group D Slovakia Japan Bruce Stadium
17/9/00 Group D Brazil South Africa Brisbane Cricket Ground
17/9/00 Group B Korea Republic Morocco Hindmarsh Stadium
19/9/00 Group A Australia Honduras Sydney Football Stadium
19/9/00 Group C USA Kuwait Melbourne Cricket Ground
19/9/00 Group C Czech Republic Cameroon Brisbane Cricket Ground
19/9/00 Group A Italy Nigeria Hindmarsh Stadium
20/9/00 Group B Spain Morocco Melbourne Cricket Ground
20/9/00 Group D Slovakia South Africa Bruce Stadium
20/9/00 Group D Brazil Japan Brisbane Cricket Ground
20/9/00 Group B Korea Republic Chile Hindmarsh Stadium
23/9/00 Quarter-Final 1 Winner A Second B Sydney Football Stadium
23/9/00 Quarter-Final 2 Winner B Second A Melbourne Cricket Ground
23/9/00 Quarter-Final 3  Winner D Second C Brisbane Cricket Ground
23/9/00 Quarter-Final 4 Winner C Second D Hindmarsh Stadium
26/9/00 Semi-Final 1 Winner QF1 Winner QF4  Sydney Football Stadium
26/9/00 Semi-Final 2 Winner QF2 Winner QF3 Melbourne Cricket Ground
29/9/00 Bronze Medal Match Loser SF1 Loser SF2 Sydney Football Stadium
30/9/00 Gold Medal Match Winner SF1 Winner SF2 Stadium Australia


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