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This page shows the previous medallists in the Olympic Games.


1896 Athens No Competition    
1900 Paris Exhibition Sport    
1904 St Louis Exhibition Sport    
1908 London United Kingdom Denmark Netherlands
1912 Stockholm United Kingdom Denmark Netherlands
1920 Antwerp Belgium Spain Netherlands
1924 Paris Uruguay Switzerland Sweden
1928 Amsterdam Uruguay Argentina Italy
1932 Los Angeles No Competition    
1936 Berlin Italy Austria Norway
1948 London Sweden Yugoslavia Denmark
1952 Helsinki Hungary Yugoslavia Sweden
1956 Melbourne USSR Yugoslavia Bulgaria
1960 Rome Yugoslavia Denmark Hungary
1964 Tokyo Hungary Czechoslovakia East Germany
1968 Mexico City Hungary Bulgaria Japan
1972 Munich Poland Hungary East Germany/USSR
1976 Montreal East Germany Poland USSR
1980 Moscow Czechoslovakia East Germany USSR
1984 Los Angeles France Brazil Yugoslavia
1988 Seoul USSR Brazil West Germany
1992 Barcelona Spain Poland Ghana
1996 Atlanta Nigeria Argentina Brazil


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