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[Flag of Kuwait]

Kuwait are surprise qualifiers for the Olympics. Led by Bashar Abdullah the team qualified ahead of Arab neighbours Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This is the information that I do know about their better players:


Name : Bashar Abdullah

Position : Forward

Date of birth : 

Team : Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia)

Notes : Helped Kuwait lift the Gulf Cup in 1996 and then helped Kuwait to fourth place in the Asian Cup several

 weeks later. He has been a regular since then. Jassem Al-Howaidi, the top scorer in internationals for 1998, benefits

 greatly from his strike partner in the national team.


Name : Farj Laheeb

Position : Forward

Date of birth : 

Team : Al Kuwait (Kuwait)

Notes : Was called into the 1999 Asian Games after fellow Olympic team member Bashar Abdullah withdrew.

 Finished tournament as top scorer with nine goals.


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