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Born: 25/7/73

Position: Forward 

Club: Sunderland

Nationality: England

Notes: Kevin Phillips started in non-league football but at the age of 21 joined Watford from Baldock Town for a mere 100,000 in December 1994. He then joined Sunderland from Watford for 500,000, in July 1997. After joined Sunderland, Phillips went on to become Division One top scorer with 35 goals. He helped Sunderland to win promotion in 1998/99. In his first year in the Premiership in 1999/00, Phillips scored 30 goals which won him the Golden Boot award for top goalscorer in Europe, an award based on points gained from amount of goals and difficulty of league. His goals made it easy for Sunderland to avoid relegation and also helped him make England's Euro 2000 squad.

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